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[uReport] > a Report tool for all our Users
« on: February 18, 2018, 06:17:33 PM »

I would like to introduce you to a small tool that I have created for all users on our network. It gives you the ability to report other users if they violate our AUP (Rules) on our official Channels. The tool is easy to use because you only need to right click on the nickname (the user you wants to report) choose what you want to report it for and that's it.

Then the tool asks you for a short log, what you report the user for ... and there goes the report. :)

The good thing is: you do not need to join #help to report users anymore, that's the good thing about this addon. Once you have reported a user you will receive a response from Autobot and a second notification once the report has been assigned to an IRC operator.

Installing the Add-on by entering the code (manually):

To install the addon, you have to open the Script Editor (either at the top of "Scripts Editor" or simply press the ALT + R key combination).
A window opens, jump in the category "Remote" and insert the code below completely. That's it. The Addon is ready for use.

You can test this Addon, but make sure you choose "other" and use "TEST" as reason, so we see it's only a test. Please also test it only once. Thx :)

Code: [Select]
; ICQ-Chat User Report Tool (uReport)
; ICQ-Chat User Report Tool (uReport)
; ------------------------------------------------------------------
; made with <3 by Chris ([email protected]) This tool is for giving all ICQ-Chat Users
; the ability to report other chatters if they violate any Network rules. All this little
; tool does is sending a report to a special report bot, the bot will forward all reports
; to a available irc-operator (IRCOp). The version of this tool is version 1 If you have
; feedback, questions or anything else you can contact us at
; ------------------------------------------------------------------
; How to use this Addon:
; You can report abusive users by clicking on their nickname and use "uReport".
; A little  PopUp window will open asking you for the reason and the Log. Make sure you have copied
; a short log where the incident is clearly to identify.

menu nicklist {
  $iif($network == ICQ-Chat && Autobot ison $chan, ICQ-Chat uReport)
  .Inappropriate behavior://.notice Autobot [UREPORT] U201801 $$1 $address($$1,5) $active $$?="Why do you want to report $$1? (Please add the log)"
  .abusive nickname://.notice Autobot [UREPORT] U201802 $$1 $address($$1,5) $active $$?="What does the nick $$1 mean/why is it abusive?"
  .unsolicited advertising://.notice Autobot [UREPORT] U201803 $$1 $address($$1,5) $active $$?="Please provide a log of $$1 spamming."
  .flooding://.notice Autobot [UREPORT] U201804 $$1 $address($$1,5) $active Flooding
  .other reason://.notice AUtobot [UREPORT] U201805 $$1 $address($$1,5) $active $$?="What's wrong?"

ON *:JOIN:#:{
  if ($Network == ICQ-Chat) {
    if ($nick == $me) { 
      if (Autobot ison $chan) {
        //.notice Autobot [uREP] SIGNIN $me $chan

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Re: [uReport] > a Report tool for all our Users
« Reply #1 on: February 18, 2018, 06:38:20 PM »
Hi Chris hugsssss ,
i have done what you said and it shows  when i highlight a nick in #Chat at the botton  the ICQ Chat uReport with a few options , i would like to test it if that is ok ! Let me know when i can test it please , ty .

Maxim  :)
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Re: [uReport] > a Report tool for all our Users
« Reply #2 on: February 18, 2018, 06:44:20 PM »
hey Maxim!

Thanks for loading it, sure, go ahead :) Make sure to let ur friends know about the addon :)

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