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How does this site work?

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So what happens here? How does it work? Does one just post something on the forum and ....? I saw somewhere that there are chat rooms with topics, like age related, locality or interests but that seems to have vanished  :-\

We are a text-based chat network.  There are several ways to join the network to chat.  We have a Website, FaceBook account, and an address that you can connect to with an IRC Chat Client (or a chat "script").  We also have the message forums which you have discovered here, as well as a gallery where members can post photos.

Our website is
Our top 4 chatrooms are featured there, as well as a link to list the other available rooms.
Choose one of the 4 featured rooms and most of them have 2 login options.  If you are unable to use the first one, scroll just a little lower and log in through the second window.  Choosing a nickname is encouraged, but you can use a "guest" nick if you can't think of something else.  (You might want to read the Policy info, or else be on your best behavior when you enter the chatroom.)

Once all the information has scrolled by, you should find yourself in the chat room.  You can say hello or whatever you want to say by typing in the text area at the bottom of the chat room window, and hit your ENTER key on your keyboard.  Then watch for people responding to you.  If you wish to speak directly to a particular person, type their nickname first, then what you want to say to them, so they know you are directing your words to them specifically.  It is an open forum, like standing in a room with a bunch of people, so anyone can respond to you, and you can respond to anyone in the room.


I think that user may have given up on an answer TBH as it was posted 2 months ago lolz

yeah well no one else answered, and I figured there might be someone else who would benefit too.....smartarse.

* TNTease chuckles

Well, it helped me! Thanks!


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