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"Spamming" and "Recruiting"
« on: December 31, 2015, 06:01:34 AM »
Like most chat networks, we have rules against "spamming" (unsolicited advertising).  While the rule against spamming other networks on here is for THIS network, it should clue you in that we do not appreciate it when someone spams This network on Other chat networks.  While we appreciate that you may want to invite your friends to join you here, or you like this network enough you want to share it with others, please do not spam our network on other chat networks.  Not only are you violating their rules, but it makes US look bad here too.  And in the same way we would not want other networks to come HERE to "steal" or try to convince our chatters to leave and go elsewhere, please do not go to other networks to "recruit" their chatters to come here.  It's just not good form.  There are many other ways you can share with others that you like to chat here, but please do not post this network on other chat networks.  You can share via email, or post on your facebook, twitter, etc, but please do not use other Chat Networks as advertising space.

Some networks have taken to glining/zlining (banning from the entire network) Permanently those who spam or recruit for other chat sites.  You have been warned.

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