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How-To Connect to ICQ-Chat - alternatives
« on: November 02, 2016, 05:43:16 PM »
Most people connect to the chat network here either through our website ( or with an IRC client on their computer. (mIRC, AdiIRC, or any one of many others).  What if you don't have an IRC client on your computer, or for some reason you cannot have one on your computer?  There are a few other ways.

An online IRC Client --- this is an IRC Client (program) that is online, and you just connect through it as if it were on your computer.

1)Connect through our Website:
This will give you several options.  See the message about "How to navigate the chat options on the website".

2)Use one of our other portals:
[NOTE: Flash Player is being discontinued and at the end of the year (2020) we will no longer be supporting Flash Player] - lightIRC client; autojoins you to #Middle_East and #Chat - flashplayer - flashplayer - flashplayer - lightIRC client; autojoins to #40_something & #50_something rooms.
As of this writing, these portals all utilize the "flash" client, so you may be asked to load or enable the flash client on your computer.  The link for it there is legit, and likely you already have flash on your computer and just need to enable it.

go to
click "try me"
click "add a network"
enter info:
   Port: 6667
   Password: (skip this, no network password needed here)
   Nickname: (your nickname of course)

now scroll up and click on "Connect" at the top of the window
When it changes to ICQ-Chat, you are connected, but you need to get to a chat room.
scroll back down to the bottom where it has your nick and in the area where it says "Send a message" type /join #chat
This will join you to #chat room, and you should be able to get around as usual from there.

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