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List of Network-administered channels on ICQ-Chat


This is a list of the Network-owned and Network-administered channels on ICQ-Chat.
You can access a full list, including privately owned rooms that may allow you to join by typing /list (but do not use /list if you are connected through kiwi on the website, as it takes FOREVER to make the list. Sorry about that.)

Network Channels:

#20plus - aimed for those aged 20 years and up
#40plus - aimed for those aged 40 years and up
#Chat - Our main, all-around chat room - mainly English please
#English - English speaking chat room, anyone may join
#Europe - For our European chatters, anyone may join, most languages allowed
#Germany - German speaking chat room, anyone may join
#Australia - For our Aussie chatters, and all things Aussie, anyone may join
#International - international (world-wide) interests, anyone may join, any language allowed
#Middle_East - for discussions and interests in the Middle East, anyone may join, middle-east languages are often used
#Radio - our network Radio headquarters - Talk to the live DJ's, request songs, rate songs, cut up with the other chatters, discuss music.
#Religions - any discussions (or debates) related to any religion(s).  Anyone can join.  Please do NOT make any PERSONAL accusations or insults.
#Trivia - our network online Trivia game, anyone can join.
#uno - our network online Uno game, anyone can join.

To join one of these, simply type /join #channelname
for example:
/join #Trivia


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