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If you like to use the same nickname each time you come to chat, you should consider registering it, so that it becomes your "account".  This requires setting a password on it, so that if anyone tries to use the nickname, if they do not identify with the password, the server will automatically change their nickname (usually just by adding numbers at the end of the nickname, or changing it to a "guest" nickname).

To register your nickname:
Step 1: change to the nickname you want to register, with the command /nick your-nickname-here
(Example: /nick JaneDoe would change your nickname to JaneDoe)
Step 2: register your nickname by using the command /msg nickserv Register your-password your-valid-email
(Example: /msg nickserv Register  abc123 [email protected] --- you can choose your own password)

When you register, you will get an automated email with an identification key to verify that the email is valid.  Look for the email (sometimes it gets sent to your trash or spam folders, so be sure to check all your email folders if you don't find it in your in-box).  The email contains a command with the identification key code. You need to type the entire command, begining with the / and ending with the key code, into any window on the network, and you should receive a message saying you have been verified.  This is the only time you will need this code.

Now, you will need to use an identify command when you use your chosen nickname, so the network knows it's really you.  The command to identify is /msg nickserv Identify your-password (using the password you registered your nickname with).  You should type this command in a private window, or in your "status" window (the window that you get all the system information in when you first connect)
(Example: /msg nickserv Identify abc123 )

NOTE: your nick will remain registered for up to 90 days from the last time you identified to it. So you need to identify regularly.  We suggest you identify each time you come online and use the nickname.  You will need to do this each time anyway, or the server will attach numbers to your nickname, because it won't know it's really you.

If you need further assistance, please type /join #help to join our help room.
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