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How to register your nickname and identify


Quick and dirty, here's how to register your nickname:
1)you must be using the nickname you want to register!  So if you're not, then change it by using:  /nick nicknamehere
2)think of a password (hmm I think I'll use nky345), and know your email so you can get the verify code
3)now register your nickname!

/nickserv REGISTER passwordhere emailhere  <---the command format

/nickserv REGISTER nky345  [email protected] <---the way you use it

Then go check your email for a message from the server with your verify code, and when you get it, paste it in the place you would normally type to chat, then hit <enter> (best place to do this is in the first chat window you have - it is either called ICQ-Chat or has your nickname.  This is your 'Status' window.)

you should see a msg saying you're registered. 

You will also need to Identify - this is what keeps the registration active.  The server will drop nicknames that have not been identified to within 30 days.

the command:     /ns identify your-password
so I would type:  /ns identify nky345

(again, you must be using the nickname you want to identify to.)

If you need any help with this, please type /join #help in the chatroom to visit our help room.
[Note:  More info is available on here for Registered Members on these message forums. This is a separate registration from the chatrooms area.]


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