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How to report Problems on a Channel to the Staff Team


I've done a few threads on this subject in the past, but I'd like to take the opportunity to summarize all of them into one thread. There are currently a few easy ways to report violations of the AUP to us Operators. The most common way is the usage of /report by the way. All possibilities how to send a report can be found below:

The most common way: using /report

In November 2018 we've added a system that makes it possible to all users to use the reporting function from whereever they are. If you have the feeling a User is violating our network rules there is no need to overlook it, or even put that user on ignore if they are disrupting or harassing in the chat room. The Syntax is simple and can be used from ANY Public Chatroom.

/report <#Channel> <Nickname> <Log/description of the problem>                       if you're using this command it should look like that:
/report #Chat Maria203 <Maria203> you asshole!! - Offending other chatters       Please make sure to include a description of the problem. We will check on the Channel too.

The tool for "Lazy" typers

If you do not want to type the /report syntax all over and over again you can use our free Addon for mIRC and kvirc! This Addon will give you the opportunity to just right click on the Nickname of the User and then to report it, with only a few clicks.

You can download this tool at this link.

Please make sure that your report fits into one line. Autobot will then forward the report to all of the IRCops at the same time and they will deal with it as soon as one is available.


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