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Christmas letter from the Admin Team
« on: December 23, 2019, 10:52:01 PM »
Dear chatters and friends,

Especially in the Christmas season we notice that time is a very valuable asset. Our network is given "time" - your time - throughout the year. That makes us special! All active chatters give the network and thus the other users countless hours of their free time to chat and have fun - creating a safe chat environment for everyone.

This opportunity is available and possible to due to the commitment of our volunteer admins, our Botop, the ChanOps and helpers that work hard to improve security and fun in the channels and even on the entire network. After all the primary task of our network is to create a secure platform where everyone can enjoy, chat and relax from "real life".

We would like to thank you for this!

We wish you a peaceful Christmas, a successful New Year and look forward to our network, together with you, to advance a little further next year.

Chris on behalf of the admin team
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Chat is fun, end of, bitchka.


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