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November 15, 2020 will the the 5th anniversary of ICQ-Chat, and for this year's celebration, a couple of chatters have proposed having 'Golden Hampster Awards', and making the 'presentations' on a group DJ show, scheduled for SATURDAY, November 14.  Several of the DJs will be doing a group DJ Radio broadcast, with music, conversation and discussions the "Golden Hampster Awards" and any submissions to the "Silly Hat Contest" described below.

Here's the way it goes:
Golden Hamster Awards will be posted, and you can nominate other chatters for any of the featured 'awards', OR, you can propose your own 'award' title and nominate another chatter for it.  The DJs will 'edit' the categories, if needed (no rude or harassing stuff please, this is all in good fun), and the goal is to at least have most of the regular chatters mentioned as notable for something. [Nominations can be made till Nov 13 to be sure to get included, but we will try to take nominations all the way till the show.)

In order to try to keep trolling down for this, please be registered on the forums here, so you are able to view the Golden Hampster Awards and make nominations in the Public Relations > Chit Chat area of our forums here.

Also, if you are so inclined, we would like to hold a "Silly Hat Contest" via the Gallery - so please post a photo of yourself in any kind of silly, crazy hat or headgear (you do not have to include your face if you choose not to).  DJ's will be viewing and discussing these submissions on-air, and the sillier or crazier or more creative, the better!  (Store-bought is ok, but even better if you make or 'alter' something yourself!)  Halloween is of course the perfect time to 'decorate' some find for this funny, silly project.  Please post your submissions on our Gallery, or attach to a private message to TNTease and we will move them to the Gallery. [Click on my TNTease nick on the side of this message and you will see an option to send a PM/Private Message.]

Rules for ICQ-Chat Party Hat photo contest:

1)Photo must be of YOU wearing the party hat
2)You do NOT have to show your face in the photo, just the hat on your head
3)you MUST include your Nickname when you post the photo so we know who's hat it is of course!
4)please no 'sexual' hats (I feel ridiculous stating that but if I don't, some smartarse will do it)
5)best hats have some thought to them - if you use a store-bought 'hat', spice it up and make it your own, one-of-a-kind! Use your imagination!
6)Deadline for posting party-hat photos will be Sunday, November 13th if you want to be sure to be included, but we will try to get any late entries in as well.

Warning: This is intended for fun and silliness, so bring your humor with you and expect a little good-natured ribbing for any submissions :)

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