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[uReport] > a Report tool for all our Users
« on: February 18, 2018, 06:17:33 PM »

I would like to introduce you to a small tool that I have created for all users on our network. It gives you the ability to report other users if they violate our AUP (Rules) on our official Channels. The tool is easy to use because you only need to right click on the nickname (the user you wants to report) choose what you want to report it for and that's it.

Then the tool asks you for a short log, what you report the user for ... and there goes the report. :)

The good thing is: you do not need to join #help to report users anymore, that's the good thing about this addon. Once you have reported a user you will receive a response from Autobot and a second notification once the report has been assigned to an IRC operator.

Installing the Add-on by entering the code (manually):

To install the addon, you have to open the Script Editor (either at the top of "Scripts Editor" or simply press the ALT + R key combination).
A window opens, jump in the category "Remote" and insert the code below completely. That's it. The Addon is ready for use.

You can test this Addon, but make sure you choose "other" and use "TEST" as reason, so we see it's only a test. Please also test it only once. Thx :)

Code: [Select]
; ICQ-Chat-Benutzerbericht-Tool (uReport)
; made by Chris in 2019 - if you need help:
; [email protected]

menu nicklist {
  $iif($network == ICQ-Chat && Autobot ison $chan, ICQ-Chat uReport)
  .Bad Behaviour:{
    .msg #URS [UREPORT] U201903 $$1 $$1 $active Inappropriate Behavior: $$?="Inappropriate Behavior:"
  .Bad Nickname:{
    .msg #URS [UREPORT] U201903 $$1 $$1 $active Inappropriate Nickname: $$?="What does the Nick $$1 mean?"
    .msg #URS [UREPORT] U201903 $$1 $$1 $active Advertising: $$?="What is being spammed by $$1 $+ ?"
    .msg #URS [UREPORT] U201903 $$1 $$1 $active Flooding
    .msg #URS [UREPORT] U201903 $$1 $$1 $active Repeating
  .channel interruption:{
    .msg #URS [UREPORT] U201903 $$1 $$1 $active Channel Disruption: $$?="Log?"
    .msg #URS [UREPORT] U201903 $$1 $$1 $active Trolling: $$?="How's $$1 trolling?"
    .msg #URS [UREPORT] U201903 $$1 $$1 $active Harassment: $$?="Log?"
  .under 13 years of age:{
    .msg #URS [UREPORT] U201903 $$1 $$1 $active Underage: Log: $$?="Log"
  .other issue:{
    var %othreas = $$?="Other Reason:"
    .msg #URS [UREPORT] U201903 $$1 $$1 $active %othreas $$?="What's wrong?"

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Re: [uReport] > a Report tool for all our Users
« Reply #1 on: February 18, 2018, 06:38:20 PM »
Hi Chris hugsssss ,
i have done what you said and it shows  when i highlight a nick in #Chat at the botton  the ICQ Chat uReport with a few options , i would like to test it if that is ok ! Let me know when i can test it please , ty .

Maxim  :)
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Re: [uReport] > a Report tool for all our Users
« Reply #2 on: February 18, 2018, 06:44:20 PM »
hey Maxim!

Thanks for loading it, sure, go ahead :) Make sure to let ur friends know about the addon :)

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Re: [uReport] > a Report tool for all our Users
« Reply #3 on: May 07, 2019, 02:53:36 PM »
Everyone, we've got an update here. Please copy over the new code into your mIRC from above.
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IMPORTANT Information regarding our Report System
« Reply #4 on: April 10, 2020, 01:30:13 AM »
Hello friends,

we would like to inform you about the following change:

- The abuse of the report system in any form will from now on be punished immediately and without any further discussion or warning. We will punish abuse of our system with a block from the report system or even with a network ban in fatal cases.

Why are we creating so much trouble about this now?

The report command was created for you (our Users) in the sense that (if there is no active op in the channel) you can still inform the IRCops & BotOps that there is a problem in the channel.
Unfortunately, this has been extremely abused recently, which is why we are now forced to investigate and punish abuse and are taking appropriate measures.

When submitting a report to us you need to make sure that it violates our network rules (AUP) and does NOT only annoy you - because if it's something not violating our rules but still annoys you the /ignore command is the choice for you - not the report system.

When you report someone, make sure that ALL important information is included. This means evidence logs and, if possible a "reason" why you report it.

What's next?

Since the report system has recently been used to "wipe out" some users we're now adding a point to the AUP regarding abuse of the report system. As stated above we will now actively block and even ban users who abuse our report system.

This means: (actual reports we had)

Example 1:
Just because someone is chatting about a topic and there is a "badword" in the text does not justify reporting the user. Keep it calm, it's only chat - and you are not the "chat police".

Example 2:
You argue or argue with a person yourself, one of the two of you starts to become abusive or insulting, you counterattack and insult accordingly. One of you two (or even both) will submit a report about the other. In this sense the following applies: Calm down, ignore yourself and grab yourself by the nose. The wiser gives in.

Example 3:
You provoke a user until he becomes abusive or offensive and sends a report about this user. That is a NO-GO! You deliberately brought about the situation.

And finally, consider the following ...

The report command was built to give you an instrument that you can use to point out problems without joining #help. However, if this is misused, it is a breach of trust because you consciously try to deceive the IRCop or BotOp.

Consider that we will review every report, either later or immediately.

The ICQ chat team
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