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Hi everyone,

Over the past weeks I spent alooooot of time in upgrading, optimizing and changing our services. All IRC and Web Servers servers in all regions will come down for an extended platform maintenance tomorrow, January 29, 2021 starting at 1:00pm CET (convert to your time). Downtime is expected to last up to 30 minutes, for the most users it will be a short disconnect only.

Servers will come down for this extended window so I can perform a necessary backend migration that is expected to impact a number of systems. All of those systems will need to be tested and verified once the migration is complete, which is why I've made the decision to bring down all Servers for the duration. If maintenance wraps earlier than scheduled, we'll immediately bring servers back up and notify the community.

Here's what's changing:

The biggest Part: We are moving to brand new, bigger Servers that will also increase our security and performance in any matter. We will no longer have a US (United States) IRC-Server but a brand new AU (Australia). For you, the end user, nothing changes. Our addresses and Website(s) stay the same. The new Servers will also Support ipv6. The Servers will also have %, & and ~ status prefixes again.

Please note: this is actually the biggest maintenance for me since 2015 - we're all excited how it works out :)

See you on the new Servers!


Map of the new Servers:
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