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A BIG Thank you!


Thank you to ALL the people who tuned in to DJ Maxim's final show on Sunday night, I think to say she was overwhelmed would be an understatement. We had a peak of over 40 listeners for most of the show which just goes to show how popular she was with lots of our users. A special thank you as well to the Down Under peeps who managed to get out of bed at some unearthly hour just to tune in, you know who you are!

Thanks to both Nayfee and Jake for supporting her on her final night, the whole show was good fun for everyone to celebrate Maxim's 19years + as a DJ

Thank you all

Radio Lead

Thank you very much Everybody  :-* and for my Song DJs , i had Tears of Joy, i was more then overwemled, i had such a great time on the server with all of you the last years, if you can feel love and music in your Soul/chest  its easy , just by thinking this , i could draw an Airheart , some People maybe roll there eyes  but thats how it is with me . I even love Trolls  ::)
Nathan my OnlineSon and Jake thanks Boys i love you for making  the evening lovely over the Mikrofen ! Stay safe Everybody and i see you on the server and LISTENERS stick with our DJ,s .

 :-* :-* :-*

with lots of Love from

Maxim xx

No thanks are needed hun, im just glad u had a great send off and everyone came in to say their goodbyes to you.

But a big thanks go to TNTease Matrix Yusif and the other Ircops for letting us DJ  there and for bringing us a great chat and keeping us safe. Kudos to all u guys!!

loves ya mummy maxi xxx



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