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Thank You Admins !


I Love this Server since Day 1

Hello Admin,s/Friend,s xxx

I once again had tears of joy, the nursing service brought me my mail and when I saw the large Envelope my heart was pounding loudly, omg that was so exciting, I felt like a child for Christmas, you know me , I cry quickly lol ... THANK YOU very very very much for the chain , the clef fit me perfectly, I'm so moved, as you can see in the picture it has got a special place, so I can look at it every day, my heart is with you all , i am so happy. OMG and that Envelope smells sooooooooo good inside , i keep sniffing on it lol I COULD SAY MORE TO IT BUT  :-X

Lots of Love from
     Maxim XXX

So pleased it arrived safely and you like it Susie ... keep well and keep being you :)


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