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HIT or Miss Show 6 - Here are your numbers!



Nacho 1-2-3
Nathan 7-15-20
No Thanks 9-10-29
Miss Misty 4-16-34
Miss Marple 27-39-43
Aral 11-22-23
Sokie 13-33-40
Melitha 19-26-35
Pohzilla 14-18-25
Javagirl 8-17-24
katrina 5-12-28

Song - 3 Lions by Skinner, Baddiel & The Lightening Seeds

Present Position as at 05/07/21 in the UK Charts - 22

UK Charts Link

Present Prize Money : 150 Sterling / $207 US Dollars / $267 Aust Dollars

Prize winner will be paid direct via PayPal

Check Date - August 1st (The day you need to check the charts to see if you are the winner)

Rollover Status - Now in 3rd Month

Maximum Rollover will be 1,000

(Note - In the event of the maximum of 1,000 be reached the competition will continue until a winner is declared)

Hello all!

The bad news is NOBODY won the 150 as the song actually dropped OUT of the top 100, therefore it now rolls over to our highest total yet of 200!!! ($278 US Dollars - 234Euros - $379 Australian Dollars)

Hit or Miss Show 7 will take place on Sunday August 8th on the DJ Nayfee Show between 19.00hrs and 21.00hrs, be sure to enter, it is now BIG MONEY!!! The next song will be announced by DJ Nayfee and you will have THREE chances to win, winner to be announced at the start of September (date TBC)


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