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Movie/TV Soundtracks tue 20th 5pm-8pm UK Time

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Hello Dear Listeners To ICQ-CHAT-Radio,

On Tuesday July 20th I am having to have a show with TV and Movie Sound Tracks, so if you like to part take and request your favourite one here, feel free to do so.

I might not take requests during the show though, the reasoning behind this is, I cant check the sound files for quality during the show.

So please request your's here. :) upto 3 requests per Listener should be ok.


Please leave your requests for DJ Sokie below on this thread


Ohh, great idea, will listen to that show, here are my 3

The Power of Love - from back to the Future
When Doves Cry - from Purple Rain
Unchained Melody - from Ghost (dedicated to my mom who loves that film)

Celine Dion -  Because you Loved me (from sleepless in seattle)

Berlin - Take My Breath Away )Top Gun)

Bette Midler - Wind Beneath My Wings Dedicayed to my Nan)

Twin Peaks - The Nightingale
Avatar - I see you
Himmelblå - Himmelblå (Anne Marie Almedal)  cantact me for assistance to find this one

(Everything I Do) I Do It For You (Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves)
Don't Cry for Me Argentina - Madonna (Evita)
Streets Of Philadelphia - Bruce Springstein (Philadelphia)


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