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#HELP - The room when you need expert-assistance!
« on: November 29, 2015, 11:32:29 PM »
#Help is the channel on which is having the main target to help our users with any trouble they might have.

Our staff with the assistance of ChanOps, Helpers and the guidance of the IRCOps are there to help you with issues like:

- Help with the services (nickserv chanserv memoserv)
- Everyday problems in the channels of IrCQNet using the report system
- Help with the server (inspircd) and it's user/channel modes

However in order to get help in the channel there are some basic rules that have to be followed. These are:

- #Help is a help channel and not a chat place. Please respect the other users that are in there and want any form of help
- Please use the report system to report any sort of problem in an ICQ Public Channel (!report #room problem). Use the command once unless the situation has changed and you want to report a new problem
- Please be polite and respect not only the other users in the channel but also the OpHelpers/ChanOps that are there to provide help with any problem you may face
- Autobot will warn you in public when your time in the channel is running out. When it runs out a ban will be placed on your host by the bot. If you need further help you can contact the helpdesk

- the Ops Team
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