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I'm working on customizing a chat script on a FREE client that we will make available to everyone to download and use, and I want your input.

If you use a script currently, or if you've used one in the past and might  like to again, please answer the questions below so I can try incorporating your preferences into the chat script.

1.What color background do you prefer?
     c.Off-White or Grey (anything but stark white)
     d.Other (I like a colorful background)

2.Do you like to see colored text or just straight up black and white? & white
     b.colorful texts (lala I'm a rainbow!) color for the text, and the server and other non-chat messages colorized
     d.Joins in green, Quits in red, server messages in blue and chat text in black & white

3.In the list of nicknames to the side, how do you like that colorized?
     a.all of it black & white. Keep it simple.
     b.different colors to distinguish who are Ircops, ChanOps, Bots and other Chatters.
     c.a rainbow of beautiful colors!
     d.Man, quit staring at me, I don't give a damn!

4.What is your favorite client or script?
     a.mIRC (Pnplus, FrankenTease, KISS, or other mIRC script)
     b.I have a MAC. I use ___________
     c.mIRC is lame, ___________ is the only way to go!
     d.Ha! I don't have a script! I just picked what I wanted

Polling ends in 1 week.

1. White
2. C
3. A
4. Pnplus

I don't have a Mac but I have a PC and I use KVIrc - it has scripting capability has themes and a lot more :) Best of all it works on Windows, Mac, Linux, BSD and Solaris.

1. a or c....dont like dark backgrounds
2. d
3. b
4. PNP or any free MIRC script, most people hate paying the $20

if people don't want to pay for mIRC then use another client.


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