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Title: WebChat Update 08/01/2021 (Avatars)
Post by: Chris on January 08, 2021, 04:14:29 PM
Hi everyone! I hope you had a good ride into the new year, 2021!

Some of you may have already noticed a small change on the Webchat - it has been updated to the latest version and avatar support has been added. Avatars? Yeah! Avatars are small images appearing for the nickname and on the nicklist on the Webchat and IRCCloud. Users can now submit their avatars and have them displayed to other users on our Webchat.

The goal of having avatars is it to improve the user experience by making the chat a little bit more personal.

If you want your own avatar added to the Webchat you can submit it at our HelpDesk (https://icq-chat.com/pbupload). Please note that each avatar-image upload is reviewed manually and added to the Servers, there is no "instant" avatar. Avatars are only available to users who are registered with an Account on our Network (https://icq-chat.com/nsregister). You also need to have the same NickServ Accountname set as the image is named.

Please note: You are only allowed to submit an avatar/image you do own the rights on (copyright, etc).

How to submit your avatar:

Go to our HelpDesk (https://icq-chat.com/pbupload) and upload the image there. [Please rename the image file to your registered nickname before you try to upload it.] Make sure to write your nickname in the "Name" field and use a correct E-Mail address. Attention, the Filename must match with your accountname on IRC and needs be in jpg format. Example:


If you already have a image on the gallery lodge a Ticket on the HelpDesk as well and give us the link to your picture on the gallery.

(https://gljclan.com/chanops/ircimg/gen/now.png) (https://icq-chat.com/pbupload)

Other changes:

+ performance and mobile viewing was improved
+ "Admin" and "BOT" tags have been added so that network staff will be easier to recognize in the future
+ a button to enable and disable all private messages has been added
+ it is now possible to change the font size
+ the webchat will no longer disconnect you on mobile devices on tabbing out for a moment
+ the webchat has now a radio player inbuild- listening to our radio was never easier! ;)
+ Unregistered users receive a random avatar picture, own avatars are possible through registration/upload
+ you can now register using the webchat, on the left side you'll find a sign button which leads you to the registering process

I hope you all enjoy this new feature!

Happy chatting!



Question: How do I make those avatars invisible? I don't want to see those faces!?
Answer: You may head to your WebChat's settings by clicking on the little gear icon on the left side, there's a dropdown-menu where it says "modern", please switch that menu to something you like. Please note: avatars will be displayed in the nicklist regardless of Modern vs Traditional setting.

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