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Global Reporting System now available!
« on: November 05, 2018, 12:57:24 PM »
Hey there fellow Users on ICQ-Chat!

Chris here with some exciting news for you! Some of you may have noticed already, some haven't. We were able to make it even more simple for you guys to report problematic Users to our Staff Team - just one command is all you need to get our full attention.

If you have the feeling a User is violating our network rules there is no need to overlook it, or even put that user on ignore if they are disrupting or harassing in the chat room.

We offer all our Users a way to be able to report "bad guys" to us via one simple command. This is quite simple and you don't need to be worried about anything happening to your Account. All you have to do is typing the following command in one of our Channels (This works on Clients such as mIRC, xChat, etc and ANY WebChat as well).

/report <#Channel> <Nickname> <Log/description of the problem> (for making it easier for our operators you should use english for the report reason.

Here's an example:

/report #Chat Maria203 <Maria203> you asshole!! - Offending other chatters

Please make sure that your report fits into one line. Autobot will then forward the report to all of the IRCops at the same time and they will deal with it as soon as one is available.

Thanks for your help - every report from you helps us to make our network even better.

<3 Chris

on behalf of your ICQ-Chat Team

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