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Listed on DroneBL
« on: November 06, 2018, 04:48:38 PM »
If you're trying to connect to our Network and it tells you the you are listed on DroneBL that means that it's not a ban set by us.

Such a Ban Message can look like:

Closing link: (unknown@Your-IP-here) [Z-Lined: You are listed in DroneBL. Please visit]

In case of a DroneBL Ban you do not need to submit a ticket to our helpdesk, since we do not have Access to remove bans from there.

What is DroneBL?

A real-time tracker of abusable IPs.

Do you have problems with net-abuse on the services you run? DroneBL is the first tracker aimed at solving the problems of abuse on real-time and near-real-time social networks. It is not just another EMail blacklist (although you can use it for that!), but instead a mostly distributed, friend-to-friend DNSBL service, with the goal of becoming fully distributed by the end of 2007.

DroneBL is making the internet safer

By maintaining a database of abusable and "rooted" machines, DroneBL is making the internet a safer environment to participate in. For example, many phishing sites are run on abusable and rooted machines.

Since DroneBL maintains a blacklist of abusable machines, ISPs can aggregate that data into an effective blackhole strategy in order to stop phishing attacks and other forms of net-abuse from reaching their customers.

DroneBL helps to assess risk

The advanced statistics offered by DroneBL allow for determining where to concentrate on looking for transient points of risk. This means that ISPs and other services can concentrate on the at-risk netblocks instead of less at-risk netblocks.

This means that services can predict and block abusive netblocks before the abuse happens.

DroneBL helps to stop current abuse

The DNSBL service offered by DroneBL can be integrated into various IRC server software, mail daemons and other platforms. There is no cost associated with using the service, and people are encouraged to use it.

How to get removed from DroneBL

Before submitting a removal request of your IP make sure to run a anti virus and anti malware scan on your computer. Also make sure you have no open or insecure proxies installed. If you were able to confirm you are no (longer) a risk to the internet go to the link stated in the Banreason on IRC, hit "request removal" on there and enter a good explaination.

After submitting the removal request you have to wait for a response or unban by DroneBL. This might take a few days, sometimes just a few hours.

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