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Harassment & Bullying - PLEASE READ
« on: February 27, 2019, 05:48:02 PM »
As you are or should be aware the chat environment is there for chatters to enjoy each others company without the fear of bullying or harassment both in the main rooms or even in private. Part of bullying and harassment is also the formation of small cliques of users who seem to deem themselves above the basic rules of chat when they are online and end up ultimately driving a user or users away.

Over the last week in particular I have been receiving logs via e-mail of samples of this both from #chat and in uninvited privates which I find rather disappointing to say the least, especially considering I am not even on the network until this Thursday!

I think it needs to be made absolutely clear that evidence of logs WILL be used to ban/remove/devoice users who persist with such immature behaviour on this network and if you believe that private harassment is acceptable then please think again, it isn't.

Bottom line is this, if u want to harass then go to another network to do it because we will not persevere with it on this Network. If you don't like a user, harassment and bullying is not the answer, IGNORE is

Action will be taken this week based on logs received already

Admin Team
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