Author Topic: Official ICQ-Chat "Gender" Addon for mIRC and KvIRC  (Read 366 times)

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Official ICQ-Chat "Gender" Addon for mIRC and KvIRC
« on: April 23, 2019, 02:29:59 PM »
This Addon was made as Announced in addition to our Webchat changes. With this Addon you're able to see the Gender colors of joining Users in the Nicklist.
All this Script does is setting the name pink for female Users and blue for male ones. You can adjust the colors by editing line 13, 16, 36 and 37 - replace the numbers at the end with the color ID you'd like.

If you're running into issues with this Script / Feedback use


1. Open your mIRC Installation and hit [ALT] + [R] on your Keyboard, the Script editor will open.
2. Click on "File" > "New"
3. A Blank window has opened. Copy and Paste the code from below into that new window.
4. Either just hit "OK" or use "File" > "Save as" if you want to give it a specific name.

Code: [Select]
; mIRC Nick Color Addon by Desolator and Chris
; ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
; This Addon is setting the nick colours based on the gender
; pink for female and male for male.
; you can adjust the colors by editing line 13, 16, 36 and 37
; just replace the numbers at the end with the color ID you'd like.
; for support regarding this addon use

on *:PARSELINE:*:*:{
  if ($network == ICQ-Chat) {
    if (($parsetype == in) && ($parseutf == $true)) {
      if ((JOIN isincs $parseline) && ($chr(35) isin $gettok($parseline,3,32))) {
        if ($gettok($gettok($parseline,5,32),2,47) == M) {
          .cnick *!*@ $+ $gettok($gettok($parseline,1,32),2,64) 13
        if ($gettok($gettok($parseline,5,32),2,47) == F) {
          .cnick *!*@ $+ $gettok($gettok($parseline,1,32),2,64) 12

ON *:JOIN:#:{
  if ($nick == $me) {
    set -u4 %nowhos on
    .timer 1 1 //.who $chan

raw 352:*:{
  if (%nowhos) {
    if ($gettok($9,2,47) == M) { .cnick *!*@ $+ $4 12 }
    if ($gettok($9,2,47) == F) { .cnick *!*@ $+ $4 13 }

raw 315:*:{ if (%nowhos) { haltdef } }

ON ^*:QUIT: {   .cnick -r $address($nick,2) }

on *:LOAD:{ 
  .cnick on
  .echo -at 07ICQ-Chat Nick colors Addon by Desolator and Chris loaded! For Support use

Notice: This Addon *may* not work on Bouncers such as ZNC, sBNC, etc! This is not due to the Addon, it is due to the restrictions with those Software!
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