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Fight COVID 19
« on: March 31, 2020, 02:18:46 PM »
Hi, hope all feel well and safe ,, i would like to share all some information and facts to help for fight this virus ...  and excuse my broken English here :)

here sure facts about the virus (covid 19) it's a non-living organism, which means that it does not reproduce, but transmits, and therefore it needs a "host" vector, a protein membrane with chromosomes, RNAs, and DNA included.
Consequently, it needs another organism to reproduce through it. Thus, the known antibiotics do not produce any results with it ... as it is transmitted through surfaces and not through air like other viruses.
and this is a mercy from God ... So the drizzle spread from the infected ones infection through contact and approach, as well as the surfaces on it from three hours to three days, depending on the surfaces.

Point 1: isolation .. As long as it is a virus and not a living creature, the most important step for isolation is that all countries have applied isolation and prohibited roaming for long periods .. Here we say that this procedure is like cutting off the head of a snake .. so stay home

Point 2: If the viruses enter the body, it will be the first place in the throat, and here the person will feel dehydrated, and the virus will remain stuck in the throat until he finds an opportunity to reach the lung, because it is glory that God has to multiply ONLY through the lung cells NOT through any other cells in body.

Point 3: At this stage, the best way to constantly drink warm water and drink hot fluids ... is to take the virus from the throat of the digestive system because it does not pose a threat to the digestive system and because acidic juice is in the stomach It is enough to kill virus for good.

Point 4: As for the virus to reach the lung, the white blood cells will attack this foreign organism that entered the body and from here the temperature rises and the heartbeat increases from the high temperature so that the largest amount of blood is pumped into the body
at the same time, the immune system works to identify this organism, and analyzes and laboratories inside the body detect antibodies.

Hence, blood circulation must be improved ... because we need the circulation to be very active and oxygen sufficient inside the body. Therefore, 81% of patients did not feel symptoms, but were treated without noticing they had it,  14% of those affected Those who suffered from the symptoms were also cured.
and 4% died because they suffer from other diseases that reduce the immune system, especially heart patients .. because in this case a strong blood pumping must be done in the body until the immune system reaches the affected area

Therefore we need food, sports, and a high psychological level to maintain blood circulation in excellent condition, and these points apply to all viruses ... because the best antigen is what the immune system builds in the body against any virus

hope this some info. will help to be safe and protect your self ....

Thanks all, Yusif
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Re: Fight COVID 19
« Reply #1 on: March 31, 2020, 06:28:31 PM »
That is certainly some interesting information, Yusif

People, take care of yourself.  if you feel ill, please contact your doctor.  Otherwise do your best to stay safe and healthy.

Blessings to all.



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