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Changes to ICQ-Chat effective 2. April 2020


Hi all,

I just want to provide some kind of "changelog" for our Users, as some are interested in the technical and operative changes we do on the network, below you find a list with changes affective today.


- the Network will not close down, this was just a april fool
- we have closed the following rooms:
-> #teens [as the network minimum age was rised to 15 Years anyway
-> #turkish [this channel was not used in the past]
-> #bisexuals [with under 500 lines in 1 year we decided to close this one as well]
- we have merged the following rooms
-> #20_something and #30_something are now merged into #20s
-> #40_something and #50_something are now merged into #40s


- the Webchat has been updated to the latest KiwiIRC version
- the Webchat does no longer have a pre-definined nickname, all users will have to enter their own nickname now
[Dev note: we've tried animal nicks for a while now but we feel like we want to have our users be more creative when logging in, so think of a nice nickname now.. ;)]
- the Webchat does no longer have the ASL (we had just the Gender enabled) plugin
- you can now see who's typing on the Webchat, indicated by a "nickname ..." (this only works for webchat users)

Thank you yet again for your continued support on ICQ-Chat!



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