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Rules for Voicing on ICQ-Chat
Effective 17May2020

1.   Voice or +v is granted to appreciated chatters who are classed as “Regulars” on the ICQ-Chat Network

2.   “Regulars” will be classed as a chatter who has had a registered nick on the network for a period of no less than 6 months

3.   Users granted this status are expected to behave in full accordance with the Networks ToS (Terms of Service) at all times in the main channels, private channels and in private conversations with any other chatter, failure to do so in any of these scenarios will result in the immediate removal of the +v without exception

4.   Voiced users are expected to behave at all times impartially and also try to help new users who maybe finding their feet on the network

5.   There will be a maximum number of voiced users allowed which will be determined by Admin

6.   The final decision of who is or is not voiced will rest on the IRCop responsible for the voicing policy on the Network, at present this is MaTriX and in his absence TNTease

7.   Being voiced does NOT mean you are above other chatters in status, what it DOES mean is that we feel you can be trusted to help other chatters if you can, we are rewarding you with a little status due to your loyalty to this Network. The +v will also immediately protect you in the event of the main room being attacked with floods and the room mode has to be changed to +RMm which will mean only YOU will be able to visibly chat during that mode setting whilst Admin regain control and deal with the flooding

8.   What we do NOT expect you to do –  a) Harass or bully other chatters, b) respond to harassment or bullying (just use ignore and report to an IRCop and log the comments), c) Show favouritism because maybe one of your chat friends is misbehaving in chat, if they misbehave they will be dealt with accordingly by the Moderator or IRCop if need be. Arguing with admins and fighting/insulting other chatters is obviously not appropriate behavior and may result in removal of the voice.  Same with making sarcastic remarks to others without obvious current behavior reasons (like if someone enters the room, and the voiced chatter makes a sarcastic remark at/about them when they haven't done anything to warrant it at the time).

9. Voiced users should be familiar with the report command and assist us as trusted users.

10. Behavior on other networks is generally not our business, nor our concern, however, it looks really stupid for a voiced chatter here to go on another network and post disrespectful comments about this network/admins/ops team elsewhere.  This IS cause for removal, because if you disrespect this network and it's administrative team that much, then you have no reason to be voiced as a respected chatter here.  (Proof of any such allegations will be required, for obvious reasons.)

11. We all sometimes temporarily change nicknames for 'fun' reasons.  But like ops team members, voiced users should only change nicknames Temporarily. If you want a more permanent nickname change, please contact MaTriX or another ircop as your voiced access will need to be changed.

Present Voiced User on the Network
For you information the following users have +v access on this Network

09:47:47] -GroupServ- Entry Account                Flags
[09:47:47] -GroupServ- ----- ---------------------- -----
[09:47:47] -GroupServ- 1     Chris                 
[09:47:47] -GroupServ- 2     Me``                   +cm
[09:47:47] -GroupServ- 3     Laura_UK               +cm
[09:47:47] -GroupServ- 4     quietone               +cm
[09:47:47] -GroupServ- 5     TheVillageIdiot        +cm
[09:47:47] -GroupServ- 6     Txwrangler             +cm
[09:47:47] -GroupServ- 7     petal                  +cm
[09:47:47] -GroupServ- 8     Everly                 +cm
[09:47:47] -GroupServ- 9     Honeybear              +cm
[09:47:47] -GroupServ- 10    Mela                   +cm
[09:47:47] -GroupServ- 11    Rita                   +cm
[09:47:47] -GroupServ- 12    Jogole            +cm
[09:47:47] -GroupServ- 13    colt45                 +cm
[09:47:47] -GroupServ- 14    SaintScoundrel         +cm
[09:47:47] -GroupServ- 15    Ruff^Diamond1          +cm
[09:47:47] -GroupServ- 16    Catelia                +cm
[09:47:47] -GroupServ- 17    Moet                   +cm
[09:47:47] -GroupServ- 18    Livvy                  +cm
[09:47:47] -GroupServ- 19    JennyUK                +cm
[09:47:47] -GroupServ- 20    Jupiter8               +cm
[09:47:47] -GroupServ- 21    pencilandpaper         +cm
[09:47:47] -GroupServ- 22    colouradoguy55         +cm
[09:47:47] -GroupServ- 23    Ascendant              +cm
[09:47:47] -GroupServ- 24    Masked_lady            +c
[09:47:47] -GroupServ- 25    Tracy                  +cm
[09:47:47] -GroupServ- 26    Ju|ia                  +c
[09:47:47] -GroupServ- 27    LuitFroops             +c
[09:47:47] -GroupServ- 28    GoldDust               +c
[09:47:47] -GroupServ- 29    Tigerlady              +c
[09:47:47] -GroupServ- ----- ---------------------- -----
[09:47:47] -GroupServ- End of !RegChatters FLAGS listing.


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