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Important Info Re Registration


We ask ALL users, especially those who use the Network on a regular basis, to REGISTER your nicks, sooner rather than later, look here for help in this regard

During UK Daytime (Aussie evenings) there is a particular chatter who thinks he is beyond the rules of this Network who is a chronic ban jumper and clearly is determined to make chat uncomfortable for both the Op's, certain regs and IRCops. Whilst we are used to ban jumpers there IS a limit to what we are going to accept on this Network and he has reached it. Therefore, with this in mind there may have to be some periods of the #chat room setting being set on +R . This means if your nick isn't registered you will not be able to access #chat. Whilst this is not ideal, it WILL be activated if required by the admin team.

We hope, in time, normal polite chatting, without the excessive harassment and bullying will be the norm

Thanks in advance for your understanding



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