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How to block/ignore unwanted private messages
« on: August 13, 2018, 06:35:20 PM »
How to ignore unwanted messages:
nickname = the nickname of the person you want to block/ignore
your-nick = your own nickname

 /mode your-nick +Rc will block unregistered users (R), and those who are not in the same rooms you are in (c)

 /ignore nickname 3 for messages in the channel from the specified nickname. (the 3 picks up the ip so they will remain ignored if they simply change nicknames)

 /ignore nickname -pndi "ignores" the nickname from private messaging you.

 /silence +nickname to block pvts and notices from that nickname.

 /silence + without any nickname will usually block ALL private messages.

 You can also try mode d (example: /mode your-nick +d ), This will block ALL messages and notices from any nicks. (essentially the same as /silence +)

/silence +nickname a  (using "a" after the nickname) will block you from having to read what the nickname says in the channel.  [Example:  /silence +Rodger a ] [this option has been discontinued]

Using the +g mode to deal with private messages:
And then there is +g - To use this, type /mode your-nick +g
you will get a message in your Status window (usually the window that has your nickname):
* your-nick sets mode: +g

Then when someone privates you, if you have not previously accepted them you get this message:
nickname is messaging you, and you have umode +g. Use /ACCEPT +nickname to allow.
and you type /ACCEPT +nickname to add them to your accepted privates list.

Then they are allowed to private you.  When they private you after that, their nickname will appear in your list of rooms/chats as any usual private chat request.

To remove a nickname from your accepted privates list, use the same command with a - instead of a + [Example: /ACCEPT -nickname

Bookmark this page and you can return to it whenever you need.

I hope this is helpful.

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