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 How to apply as a OpHelper


Being a OpHelper on our Network requires an Application in text form. You have to create a HelpDesk Ticket with the following information and of course include your answers to the items.


-------------------------------- Copy the form below -------------------------------- 


1- What is your nick on our message Forums?

2- Your Nick in the chat server:

3- Gender:

4- Age:

5- Location:

6- How long on ICQ-Chat:

7- Languages you speak:

8- Channels you used to chat in:

9- Knowledge of IRC and IRC Clients:

10- Any Additional Info:


11- Why do you think you would be a good OpHelper?:

12- How many hours a week do you spend online on IRC (per week):



Go the the HelpDesk and open a ticket here:  http://icq-chat.com/helpdesk/index.php?a=add


Click on "OpHelpers Application" and fill in the appropriate information, and copy the above questions and your answers into the "Message" area.


Please note: Applying here doesn't automatically mean you are accepted to join the OpHelpers Team! Applications are reviewed periodically and, if accepted, you will receive a reply memo or email on this ticket system.  Please be sure you use a real email address that you are able to access, and that you have your memos enabled if you use a chat script.


You MUST have a currently REGISTERED nickname on our chat network. We check for decent chatting activity and reputation. Some knowledge of common commands and procedures is helpful but not strictly required. We take new OpHelpers on an as-needed basis, so if we are not currently in need of new ophelpers, we generally hold on to the applications until we are ready to take on new OpHelpers.


Thank you for your interest!



-ICQ-Chat Admins & IrcOps-

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