Important information regarding ban removal requests:

If you're banned and submitting a ticket asking for a removal please make sure to include the actual banmessage into the ticket. The ban message is not the message with "include the line below", include the line below that line! Example:

 * Closing link: ([email protected]Your-IP) [G-Lined: Some Ban-Reason here] 

Without adding that information we are not able to deal with your ticket. 

To Submit a Ticket click on "Submit a Ticket"!

 I'm banned! - What can I do?


Network Bans (It does not matter if it's a G-Line, Z-Line, K-Line) are set for a reason. Some are automatic and some are set by our Operators on our Network. Please note that only IRCOps can set such bans.

Those bans can be set on your ident, hostmask or IP and can be from 1 second up to permanent. As a End-User it's always better to ask us for the reason than jumping the Ban. Jumping a Ban will end up in a new one anyway.


You don't know why you got banned for? Just submit a new ticket. Make sure to include the Ban message + your real IP.


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