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Changes to the Network - 26 Feb 2018 [Network News]
« on: February 27, 2018, 02:59:55 PM »
Hey there everyone! Chris here, the guy who hides behind all technical matters of ICQ-Chat all time ;-) Just wanted to give you all a quick update on what happened yesterday (26. Feb 2018). Some were saying our Network is unstable and we always have netsplits. While this statement is not 100% false it is at least for 99%. I can tell that because it's simple: Yesterday it was not a unexpected netsplit, it was done by me. However, just wanted to give you a quick updated what changed yesterday for all users...

Website and all Web services

- almost all our Websites were upgraded to SSL, that means you are now surfing secure on almost all our Sites. You can indicate that by looking at the "https://" at the domain (This step was optimal and not neccesary - we're always interested in offering our users the best security)
- the Web-Chat Client KiwiIRC is now running via SSL as well:


- all IRC Servers are now secured by a CA-Cert. This means the connections to all our IRC Servers are SSL protected as well
- all IRC Server's names were changed to the following:
  - was renamed to
  - was renamed to
  - irc.nld.icq-chat.coom was renamed to

We do recommend all our users to connect via instead of the direct server address (still), also we recommend the usage of SSL available at port +6697.

In the next few weeks I will create a "Roadmap" for 2018 what changes are upcoming for us this year! till then...

Best regards,

Technical Adminstrator

for info on how to change the port in mIRC:
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