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Some questions about what is and is not allowed in the network channels


To all,

Today a couple of chatters in #chat had some questions about what topics or subjects are allowed or forbidden in network rooms - specifically in #chat, and about how some situations are handled.  I thought it might help others if I posted some of the comments here for everyone to read.

Are some topics forbidden here, such as middle eastern poetry?

In #Chat, we try to keep it English only so that everyone can join in the conversation.  The subject of middle eastern poetry seems fairly specific, therefore it seems it would be more appropriate to discuss such a subject in the #middle_eastern channel.  #chat is a general chat room, but long conversations on specific subjects would often fit better if discussed in a more appropriate room, that is specifically for the subject or area of specific discussion.

I don't find it very clear which topics can be discussed here

There's not a list of approved and disapproved topics.  If you want to get into something more specific, you might try look to see if there is a more appropriate channel for the subject matter.
There are a few things we do not care to have tossed about in just any channel.  Things like terrorism are a touchy issue.  Religion and Politics tend to evoke strong responses and can quickly disrupt a channel.  Smaller rooms are usually more appropriate for subjects that are likely to start arguments or insults. People here are from all over the world.  a discussion of arabic poetry might be better suited to one of the regional channels, such as #middle_east.

Whomever is moderating at the time has the authority to determine if a particular subject should be curtailed or moved. If you are asked to move the discussion to another room or take it to private, please do so, and do not argue with the moderator.  This can rapidly turn into a channel disruption, and the moderator can take a variety of actions to stop this from happening.  This often results in the complaining chatter getting banned in some manner.  We understand that you may disagree with the moderator's actions, however, it is better to open a helpdesk ticket, or leave a memo or private message on our message forums for one of the ircops than to continue to argue with the moderator.  Moderator's do have guidelines and rules to follow but there are often times when the moderator must make a judgement call.

What if someone insult me when there is no op around?

Well if no one is moderating the channel at the time and someone insults you, you can report it in the #Help channel. (/join #Help)  However, if there is no one available to do anything about it, your best option is to ignore or block the chatter who is giving the insults, and I would suggest using the /silence command for that.  If it is someone who insults/harasses you regularly, you can open a complaint ticket on the Helpdesk and we can look into the situation and see if there is some action we can take to stop it.  Depending on the situation, we may choose to just try to have a moderator around more at the time when the activity usually occurs, or we may be able to set a filter so they cannot post the offensive content, or in some cases we may take some further action.
In general, ignoring or blocking the offender is usually the first step you will be asked to take.

To block someone from sending you privates and notices:  /silence <+nickname> [example:  /silence +TomFury] (you must use the / and the + for this to work)  If you are using mIRC, you can also use /ignore <nickname> +pndi (the letters at the end tell mIRC to ignore privates, notices, DCCs, and invites)
To block seeing messages from them in the channel: /ignore <nickname>  /silence <+nickname> a  [example: /silence +TomFury a]  --it's the 'a' at the end that tells it to block them in the channel. [this option is no longer available]

Another option for reporting problems with troublesome chatters is our Report Addon, if you use an mIRC-based script. Information on this addon can be found here:

If you post a complaint like this on the helpdesk, please be sure you save any logfiles showing the situation.  You can attach them as a text file or screen shot image file to a complaint ticket. This helps us to fully assess the situation.
We generally have pretty good coverage of ops/moderators in #chat, however it is not covered 24/7.

And please remember, this is Chat.  There are some things that are going to happen in most any chat network, and unfortunately, name-calling and mild harassment or "teasing" are not uncommon. To a certain extent, some of these things are just going to happen.  Most of the time they are not personal, in that the offender is unlikely to actually know you personally.  Usually they are just trying to get you upset, and to manipulate you into reacting emotionally or violently.  It is their way of being "in control".  It's usually best not to give into them.  Ignore or silence them if you can, or you can simply pretend they don't exist and just not acknowledge anything they say. Generally then they will either give up, or continue unto the bot or an op steps in to stop them.

We apologize if you are inconvenienced by such situations.  I hope this message has clarified some issues for you.

Admin, ICQ-Chat
IRC network and chat services

As a moderator mainly in the #chat room, there are days when the same chatters stir the same subject daily. These chatters have been asked several, if not many times, to take the argument to another room or at least private. Failing that, they have been asked to use the silence/ignore command. If the room errupts and several more chatters get involved, it creates a breakdown of the room flow. It leaves the moderator with no choice but warn them officially, then taken appropriate action to settle the room.
 Another reason why english is requested to be used, as a moderator cannot always tell if chatters are being harrassed in another language.
Moderators are there to oversee a room and keep the flow of the chat pleasant. Constant bickering between chatters does not help .


Glad to see there are some moderators in the rooms.  I am new to ICQ and still trying to find my way around  :)

Really good work of all and wishes happy chatting to all...

Regards Denis.


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